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The Best Content Management System for JAMStack - Netlify CMS or Forestry?

Netlify CMS vs Forestry.io. Until the other day, I had no idea there were more than one git-based content management systems available. Read more.

I have been using Netlify CMS for more than one year now. Until I came across this amazing book: Modern Web Development on the JAMStack by Netlify.

A few pages in there, I found the list of content management systems that are git based and it mentioned Netlify CMS and Forestry.io.

Forestry.io sincerely took me by surprise: how come I’ve never tried this?

Anyway, let’s go slow.

What is JAMStack?

JAMStack is simply a short form for JavaScript, API and Markup. In most cases, the term is used to describe modern websites that do not require you to own a server in order to run.

You can learn more about JAMStack in this amazing website that introduces you to all the concepts of JAMStack.

What I love about Netlify CMS

To be sincere, I like all my website and contents in one place. So, I have read about Contentful and frowned because I don’t really want to have my website all over the place. Even though Contentful is great if you like their idea.

So, I chose Netlify CMS because it saves my content directly to my git repository.

What has been the pain in Netlify CMS

I mainly post using my phone and then later do any edits from my computer. However, with Netlify CMS, it crashes every time I try deleting something on the editor. I dont know yet what this is all about. It always gives a weird error. I think it’s got something to do with Slate not supporting mobile very well yet.

To overcome this, I have been using Writer Plus for Android to draft the posts and then open Netlify CMS and paste the markdown text.

This is cumbersome a little. But for the price of free, Netlify CMS is amazing!

What I love about Forestry.io

I haven’t used this CMS for more than two days yet. But I am already hooked. I mean, I don’t have to worry about the editor crashing. Also, the setup didn’t take me more than 5 minutes since I just imported the front matter from my existing documents and use the same folder I set up for Netlify CMS for the media.

What’s even cooler is that this same setup allows me to still run Netlify CMS at /admin and the Forestry.io CMS from their website. Therefore, if things fall apart with Forestry, I simply go back to my old posting flow.


I will obviously have to update this post to include my experience as things progress. However, its pure love for now.

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