Customers Expect Progress - Signal it

You probably are making a good profit and you have a good number of clients hooked into your brand. Yet, believe me when I say that these clients expect to see changes in your business.

When you retouch your brand, you show a commitment towards progressively improving how you approach the market. This signals that you still care about how your customers perceive your brand and therefore will still improve your service and product delivery.

Brands get Boring

Look around you. Look at how brands look today and how they looked 5 years or ten years ago. Probably you’ve noticed that the logo in the past didn’t look polished, or it looked cool, and yet, the company made the changes anyway.

But why?

Times change. Perception of beauty and coolness also change. In fact, it sometimes makes you wonder what’s the problem with people’s tastes.

I will give you and example.

Remember when caligraphed logos were the thing? Maybe these are still there in a few industries.

Remember when a cool logo was in 3D?

But times changed. And your company should, too.

Simplicity is Ever Needed

When you start a company, there’s need to represent a gazillion things within your branding elements. The logo at first can be something someone would call a summary of your business plan.

But then, when you have grown past a few years in the market, your need for simplicity automatically sets in.

Look at all brands. Every other time they refresh their looks, they become more simple. Apple. Google. IBM.

So, don’t wait. Squeeze out the unnecessary details in your logo and don’t feel bad about it.

New Markets, New Media

Imagine you started your company when there was no mobile phones. Over time, mobile phones landed in the hands of everyone and its the new means by which you can get to your market.

As you find new media to communicate your brand with the market, you need to refresh the company looks. You need to think about how your logo will look as an app icon and so on.

Therefore, monitor the trends in how you communicate your brand and then refresh your company’s looks accordingly so it fits in the new media seamlessly.

New Strategy, Fresh Look

When you have a new approach or strategy for your company, signal it to outsiders by transforming the branding elements. Refresh your brand to make people feel they are interacting with the new company, the company of the future; the company that looks way cooler than the last one.


I am no expert in branding. But I observe. And you know what else? I am a customer. And I always love and expect my favourite brands to look nicer and cooler. And I bet you do too.

So, remember your customers would love you more for refreshing your brand. Don’t wait, experiment, look different and ultimately, be the brand you have in the vision of your company.